The Greenwood Cemetery - York, Nebraska

Preserving Your Family's Heritage

The Greenwood Cemetery in York, Nebraska has been an active cemetery since 1882. Among the over 10,500 gravesites are numerous burials of veterans from all of America's conflicts including the Civil War, World Wars One and Two, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War.

Included in the Memorial section of the cemetery is a memorial to the 9/11 tragedy including a piece of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Each Memorial Day, ceremonies are held to honor, remember and commemorate the veterans buried here. With the rows of American flags lining the cemetery, it is truly a memorable and striking sight.




Points of Interest


"Beautify Greenwood"

Greenwood Cemetery is a non-profit run cemetery that has been solely operated by plot sales and grave openings. However, the cemetery is in need of some major improvements to keep it looking beautiful. We are currently in the midst of a major fund rasing campaign, "Beautify Greenwood". Our goal is to raise $300,000.00. This would allow the board to move forward with these improvements:

  • Replacing the existing Caretaker's house
  • Leveling headstones
  • Removing and replacing trees
  • Installing a sound system at the Veteran's Memorial
  • Updating the Cemetery buildings

Please consider donating to "Beautify Greenwood" today. Honor the memory of your loved ones by keeping Greenwood Cemetery looking its best.

Send contributions to Greenwood Cemetery at 1000 West 8th Street, York, NE 68467